About Us

KORMC is a registered charity whose aim is to be the sole provider of an indoor, all-weather track facility and social awareness programme in Fife that provides access to equipment and off-road riding for young people from the disadvantaged areas; its main objective being to contribute to safer communities by reducing the current anti-social and illegal use of off-road motorcycles. “Our vision is to replicate the excitement and all weather capabilities of the old Steel Works Supercross at Methil. As many know, KORMC have been working on this goal for some years and we are slowly getting closer to it. The Steelworks supercross catered for hundreds of motocross enthusiasts, Pro riders, beginners, Novice, ranging from children all the way through to older adults. The high membership numbers gives us confidence that there is a gap in the market that we can fill, the project could be financially sustainable with all profits being put back into further development and continuous improvement.“